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In Astrid Lindgren’s World there are plenty of smaller eateries that offer; buns, sandwiches, hearty salads and grilled and boiled sausages with bread or our own mashed potatoes. We also have several eateries that offer freshly baked pancakes and waffles with our own jam and whipped cream.

Hot-Dog Stand

Boiled/Grilled hot-dogs from Småland with accompaniments, cold drinks and ice lollies.

17/5-31/5, Saturday-Sunday, 11:00 am-17:00 pm.
6/6-13/6, Open daily, 11:00 am-17:00 pm.
14/6-25/8, Open daily, 11:00 am-18:00 pm.
30/8-22/9, Saturday-Sunday, 12:00 am-16:00 pm.

School Street Grill

Småland hot dogs with high meat content served with a hot dog bun or our homemade mashed potatoes. Coffee, soft drinks and ice lollies.

Opening hours:
30/8-22/9, Saturday-Sunday, 10:00 am-17:00 pm.

Waffle House

Freshly made waffles with our homemade strawberry preserve and whipped cream. Coffee, cold drinks and ice cream.

Opening hours:
30/8-22/9, Saturday-Sunday, 10:30 am-16:30 pm.


Substantial sausages with high meat content and buns made in Småland. Also vegetarian options and ice cream!

Opening hours:
15/6-11/8, Open daily, 10:30 am-16:30 pm.
12/8-25/8, Saturday-Sunday, 10:30 am-16:30 pm.

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