Boost your energy levels!

At Astrid Lindgren’s World, there are more options for satisfying hunger and quenching thirst than Mio and Yum Yum were given by Nonno’s grandma in Mio, My Mio. If you bring your own food, simply find a suitable place to eat. There are plenty of picnic spots around the park. We can especially recommend the Birch Trees below The Tiny, Tiny Town, as well as the Picnic Path.

If you prefer to eat at one of our serveries, there’s plenty to choose from. We think it’s important to offer good, nutritious food suitable for grown-ups and children alike. That’s why for the past few years, we have been preparing nearly everything from scratch in our kitchens.

The year 2010 we made another advance in serving good food in the park. We  initiated a culinary collaboration with the celebrity chef and restaurateur at Långbro Värdshus, Fredrik Eriksson, to develop the food we serve and give it a stronger provincial character. Moreover, most of the ingredients come from local producers. Read more about our food collaboration here.

Our restaurants offer everything from filling southern Swedish fare to lighter dishes. We also have several cosy cafés and refreshment points serving everything from cakes, pastries and sandwiches to pancakes and waffles with jam and cream.

If someone in your party has a food allergy or some other special dietary requirement, our eateries generally offer at least one suitable alternative. Bon appétit!