Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking lives in Villekulla Cottage on the outskirts of The Tiny Town. She lives here all by herself. Well, maybe not all by herself, if you want to be pedantic. Her horse also lives here. And then she has a monkey called Mr Nilsson. Pippi’s friends are called Tommy and Annika and they often visit and play at her house. And sometimes Pippi’s father comes on his ship Hoptoad and moors it at the jetty. In other words, just the right amount of things happen at Pippi Longstocking’s home for most children to recognise them from the books about her.

Visit Villekulla Cottage

This is where Pippi lives, all by herself in a big yellow house called Villekulla Cottage. Sometimes Dunder-Karlsson and Blom come to try and steal Pippi’s bag of gold coins. Right next to Villekulla Cottage there is a lake on which Captain Longstocking has moored his ship Hoptoad. Between the performances, you are free to board the Hoptoad, climb around in Villekulla Cottage and look for things with Pippi and the others. Here you can see performances from the start of the season, including ‘Sjörövarfabbes jänta’ (Fabbe the Pirate’s Lass), in which Pippi, Tommy and Annika set off to rescue Pippi’s father from the pirates. See the daily programme and our app for times of the performances and when Pippi is at home in Villekulla Cottage.

Shows with Pippi Longstocking

Read more about Pippi Longstocking in the books: Pippi Longstocking (1945), Pippi Longstocking goes aboard (1946) and Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas (1948)