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Children all over the world know that Pippi is the strongest girl in the world and that Emil is naughty but kind-hearted. They know that Villekulla Cottage is a yellow house with a horse on the veranda and that Emil practically lives in the woodshed. When you bring the children here, to Astrid Lindgren’s World, this is exactly what you’ll find, because here stories come to life. Here the settings are like those Astrid Lindgren described in her stories about Pippi, Emil, Ronja and the other children who made her one of the world’s best-loved authors. Here you’ll find Villekulla Cottage, the farm Katthult, Matt’s Forest and many other places that have become known through her books. A visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World is like a journey through her stories but for real.

The reality is just like in the books!

Astrid Lindgren’s World is not one but many worlds collected in one place. When you walk through the park you will pass well-known places such as Wild Rose Valley, Matt’s Forest and Junedale. Continue a bit further and there is Villekulla Cottage, Karlsson’s roof and Katthult. They are all places that can be recognised from Astrid Lindgren’s stories. But they wouldn’t be quite as exciting without their inhabitants. What would Villekulla Cottage be without Pippi and Matt’s Fort without the robbers? In these living settings, we put on 50 different performances every day with scenes taken from the books. What makes the theatre so special is that our spectators get really close to the action and sometimes end up in the middle of it.

Filled with exciting meetings

In Astrid Lindgren’s World you can meet the characters at any time who previously only existed in the books. And it can be a big experience for small children to be in the middle of the action, with their favourites so close they can touch them. That’s what children can experience here in Astrid Lindgren’s World. It is the meeting between the children and Astrid Lindgren’s characters that is the big adventure and that makes the visit extra memorable.

"I thought you
was only make
believe. But now
I know that you
exist for real."

- Lisa 6 years to Mardie

”We played and played and played – it’s a wonder we didn’t play ourselves to death.”

If there was one thing that Astrid Lindgren cared about it was the right of children to be children. And one of the best ways to be a child is to be able to play freely. Free play runs like a red thread through all of Astrid Lindgren’s books and it does of course also have an important place here in Astrid Lindgren’s World. You can play everywhere here, as an adult or child. Can you imagine anywhere more fun to play than in Pippi Longstocking’s Villekulla Cottage or the deep tunnels under Matt’s Fort? There are also places in the park created just for play, like Noisy Village and the Playbarn in Katthult for example.